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Warehouse robots

Enabling meaningful disruption
by investing in robotics and AI

Together with our partners, we are striving to build a better, brighter future across the growing landscape of technologies that are changing the world.


Interwoven Ventures seeks to invest in early-stage and high-growth leaders on the cusp of reshaping the future. 


Disrupting the way things have been done before is not an easy task. In today’s fast-changing environment, the keys to successful disruption include more than advanced technologies and innovative applications. 

This is where Interwoven Ventures adds unique value. We support and empower founders to build long-lasting businesses and execute on their vision. As collaborative partners, we offer insights, provide access to technical experts and industry advisors, and open doors to global enterprises to break down barriers to success. 


Decades of Experience
in Disruptive Technologies

Today’s founders need more than capital alone. Even the most brilliant tech founders benefit greatly from the strategic and operational guidance of a partner that understands the complex business challenges beyond their scope. 

At Interwoven Ventures, we apply our industry expertise and decades of combined experience in disruptive technology investments. We provide early-stage and high growth founders with the guidance and financial backing needed to scale and deploy their innovative breakthrough solutions with world-class corporations. 

We seek companies that use advanced technologies to deliver innovative solutions that transform traditional industries. Agriculture, healthcare, construction, transportation, logistics, and industrial manufacturing, and more are—at last—able to take advantage of the unique capabilities of AI and robotics to do what they do best.


Global Portfolio

Our portfolio companies are led by visionary leaders who are driving the next wave of industry transformation.


About Interwoven Ventures 

The name Interwoven represents the strength that comes from weaving the brightest technology together with business acumen, experience, and industry partners. It’s the perfect descriptor of what we do and how we work. 
While our name may be new to many, there is nothing new about our commitment and experience working with founders to scale the world’s most innovative technologies.  

The core team is backed by the founding members of ROBO Global, proven leaders in the AI and robotics investment space, as well as recognized thought leaders focused on rapid innovation and technology adoption. This group of thinkers and doers has joined together to seek out and support best-in-class companies that are transforming the world. 

Investment Team

Let’s Connect

We look forward to speaking with you
and exploring opportunities to drive
the future of robotics and AI—together. 

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